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TDU2 Update to v034 DLC2 build16


OK Just for record, as I've posted in 2 other threads, as im seeing similar issues popping

theres are problems with the game if you have the newest generation of graphic cards

ie: Nvidia GTX10xx RTX20XX, AMD 5xxx (and the last of the RX series also)

the newer generation of cards have problems with the very old DirectX 9, and/or FPS limits causing game to crash.

We're getting to the point that DX9 is obsolete and backward compatibility is becoming a problem.


Is it possible to unpack the TDUv082 version of the game using TDU2 Unpacker? I have this installation and when I unpack the game the unpacker isn't coded to unpack those files as it is looking for the v034 DLC2 installation files so I end up with unpacked base game without any DLC.

I have this folder backup in my original non unpacked install with TDU2DLCEXPLOv017 and the bigfile_EUs but there is no way to unpack these cause the .bat file is looking for the wrong files.

The .bat looks like following:

@echo off
quickbms.exe -o xmbf.bms TDU2DLC2v025.map .
quickbms.exe -o xmbf.bms TDU2DLC2v026.map .
quickbms.exe -o xmbf.bms TDU2DLC2v028.map .
quickbms.exe -o xmbf.bms TDU2DLC2v031.map .
for /F "tokens=1*" %%A in (FilelistFull.log) do if exist %%A.bin (md "%%~pB" & move %%A.bin %%B)
md unused_bin backup
for %%G in (*.bin) do (move %%G unused_bin)
for %%G in (*.map) do (move %%G backup)
for %%G in (*.big) do (move %%G backup)

I don't know which files I should edit and replace for those...