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    A new development update for March 2020 has been released! See "News and Announcements" for more details!

TDU World :: March 2020 Update!

Hello everyone!

After a while of absence, we are back with a new update with some exciting news.

Coronavirus COVID-19
As most of you know by now, there is a new virus going around the world right now, called COVID-19. Because of this, a big part of our team has been forced to stay at home because of the quarantine measures.

While this virus is one of the most terrible things to happen this century, it did give us time to work on TDU World. Some big steps are being made and we are able to show the first part in this update!

We wish the best to our community and their families who are being hit by this pandemic.

The TDU World Launcher
After being in the works for a while, we were finally able to finish the official launcher for TDU World. It is currently in testing stages and the first version will be released soon.

Funtionality will be to launch the game in online mode (of course) as well as offline mode. For the first release, the launcher will only be able to launch the game in offline mode while the servers are in development. The launcher also has a news section where the TDU World Twitter feed is shown. This way, everyone can see if there's a new update when starting TDU2. There is also an update feature, but this will be disabled for now.

What does it look like I hear you ask? Well, take a look!


Personally, we are extremely happy with how the launcher is turning out. Like said earlier, you can expect a release in the near future. For now we are still working on fixing and optimizing certain features.

That's all the news we can share right now. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Best regards

TDU World Team



Hoe hoe hoeehhhhhh :D

That's awesome !
Hopefully TDU2 Online will be back soon ! Can't absolutely not wait !!!
Hi bro it's pretty awesome, but I've got some questions:
1.Will the launcher verify the game files upon starting just like uplauncher so that players cannot use their own mods?
2.Will all the DLCs (like bikes, casino, DLC clothes,etc) be unlocked by default so players can play them for free? If not, will there be a DLC hack detection?
3.Will there be a cheat detection so players can't use trainers, hacks, or anything else that affects the gameplay while playing online?
4.Will the players be able to use their own previous online saves when the release comes out? Or will they have to create a new savegame?
Hope my questions can get solved. Thanks.
1. Current no State
2.The launcher start Only the TDU World Client all other make the server.
3.Yes TDU is ah Very Instable game and need Ah Cheat Dedection,Cheats was Change Car ID Pos,Speed Mass,and so Will Dedect.
4.You can use your old save game
4.You can use your old save game
I have my old savegame backup'd in the cloud, but i had my game modded to death. Guess i'll have a whole lot of posh pink cars when i get back (Can't even remeber wich mods i had installed lol)