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TDU World :: Server Migration

Hello TDU World community,

As you probably already know, there are some issues with our current forums, for example the resource limit error, slow loading times and some caching issues. We have been watching these issues for a while now and have come to the conclusion that it's time to stomp on it once and for all.

As I (se7ark) am the main hoster and manager of the TDU World website/forum, I decided to purchase a dedicated server (for other reasons) with plans to migrate TDU World on to it's own little powerful VPS on the as-mentioned-before server. Therefore, at some point the website will be offline for quite a while just until I get everything sorted out. However, the website will remain online until the transfer is actually taking place.

We will announce when the transfer is going to take place, although if you would like to know more information during the transfer, please go to status.tduworld.com where you can read about the current status with updates of the website.

Thank you,

TDU World Team


Has this been done already? I think because now It loads much faster and the other day the Page was offline