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CEO of the Ramteam®™ Group
Just a quicky on YT, but this was part of our march agáinst Infogrames greedy moneysucking way of treating us:

It didn't help though. It was just to show Infogrames (I still up until today refuse to call that farty company Atari, because you know why) how easy it was to alter their game and get away with it.
(I'm not a cheater to achieve an advantage, it was just a big F.Y. to them.


I have a couple of screenshots, made in 2011. :D
It was funny how easy it was to get the police cars, why was it only possible to legitimate get the yellow/red one? :(
Same with the dev island, i still have my video with the flight over there, crazy that this was possible in online sessions... however i lost the second video driving around on this island.