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TDU World :: September 2019 Update


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Hey folks!
It has been a long while since we have posted an update about our progress and general activity, but finally here we are writing to you now! I would like to mention that we have a TON of things to talk about so let's jump straight in to it!

Honourable Mentions
The TDU World website has managed to gain a whopping 500+ registered users (and growing)! 🎉


Our New Website Plan
As you probably know, the website isn't in the best state at the current moment in time, not to mention that it has a lot of bugs and there is a lot of things that need fixed so here is our plan - We are going to build a new homepage with proper formatting instead of having the forums as the main homepage. We plan to make a system where everything is exactly as you need it, so if you want to manage your TDU World account, download the mod itself, read the news, and request support if you require it, that will be available on the main website. The forums will still be available but will be on a different section of the website so you're not tangled between the main site and forum site.

TDU World Multiplayer News
The TDU World developers have been working extremely hard and are making some fantastic progress with Kuxii releasing gameplay footage on his YouTube channel, including a livestream that included him playing for over 1 hour online!

We would like to thank you all for the support that you have been giving us, even though there are some things that need to be fixed and overall refined we are certainly making progress in the TDU World project.

All the best,


TDU World Team


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Mit dem mods ist immer so das Problem, Meine wird zwar stabiler als die Orginal, Jedoch versuchen wir eine Gute option zu geben für Custom Modelle (Car Packs was zur Modifikation mit kommen wird)


Can I request to keep this forum English only? I see forums that don't have this rule quickly diminish to a small core of people. Also, it's in the rules, but you know that :p


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