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What mods would you like to see in the TDU World modpack?


The Reckless Driver
The only suggestions I have it's making Ferrari Vehicles and Club Vehicles customizable in Performance shops:

Ferrari Vehicles ,including Ferrari FXX, went to Italian performance shop
Lotus 2-Eleven went to British performance shop or British Super cars Shop (Hawaii)
Gumpert Apollo and Wiesmann MF3 went to Euro performance shop (Hawaii)

The second suggestion if were a way to get again the wreck cars in the used car dealer.

The last suggestion if were a way to add the 2008 Spyker C8 Aileron , non spyder version , into the European car dealers within non DLC cars. The one which has 5 cars on sale.

That's all

Thanks and keep working !!


Nissan 350z
Nissan 2000GT
Nissan R32
Nissan R33
1990's BMW 8 Series
BMW M5 E34 90's and 80's
BMW M3 E36
Lamborghini Diablo
Toyota Supra
Nissan R34
Nissan 300zx 90's and 80's
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Nissan 240sx
Nissan Datsun Fairlady z
Subaru 22B
Toyota Celica 90's
Toyota MR2
1992 Mitsubishi Evolution 1 GSR
Lexus SC 400
More radio stations (If possible)
BMW M3 E46 (GTR is possible)
90's corvette
Crown Victoria (Police skins)
If possible make all DLC's items available
Lexus is300
Shelby GT500
dodge challenger r/t 1970
Pontiac Firebird
Yea I agree with it all


Mods that changed the graphics of the game, but first i would focus 100% on making the server stable, without mods if necessary, because i think that the server's popularity depends more on the stability of the server than in the content.


Hello. Sorry for asking, but cant players (that play together) just install mods that they like and play with same mods? Its will be private rooms anyway, am i right?..