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TDU 3 Thoughts and wishlist


Amateur Racer
Hi guys! You may have already heard some rumors about TDU 3, including BigBen practically confirming development of it. We all really wait for TDU 3 and want to play it so much! Meanwhile, we can only imagine, how it will look like... There are lots of thoughts and wishlist about TDU 3 and I would like to hear your opinions about it :D It will be really interesting to read it!
Different cars not usually drivable in most games:
Like the 01 Chevy Impala and Chevy Avalanche

Alissa Heart

Allow you to walk anywhere and everywhere, get in and out of your and friends vehicles.
More social activities, places to go to meet people and socialize like... Casino's, Bars, Night Clubs, Spa, Fishing, Golf, Car Shows.
Loads of houses, garages and customization for each.
Mission which just involve driving from A-B, no timers or damage penalties.
Make your own race courses & map out your favorite routes
Allow modding for visual things like clothes, hair styles, car body kits, rims, furniture, deco items.


the social aspect is what made this game fun, all they have to do is make tdu2 again but with minor updates like graphics and new cars and maybe a new location. MOTORCYCLES would be great again. This game is so great, favorite game of all time no competition.


Honestly, i just want multiplatform with cross saves. I'm a PC+Switch gamer and i'd love to get out with my Switch, connect online with my smartphone hotspot and continue where i left it at home.

Also, no more distinction between online and offline profiles, tech wise we're waaaaay past these kind of issues.