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introduce yourself from where are you and how long do you drive in TDU2


Hi all, i'm from spain, i've playing TDU2 since 2012 and stopped at 2016, still have a legit savegame too


Hey! Im from Spain, born in 1991 and since the game came out, i had the best spanish racing club in TDU2 - PC and tdu2-PS3, a pity to see that online is no longer available atm but i really trust in this project and if any kind of help / donation is necessary i will help u as i can =)))))) CMON GUYS , THIS IS A INCREDIBLE PROJECT!! lets make it happen !!!!!!;);););););) pd: i have 3 legit tdu2 games jijijij and love this game!


Hi all im from Jordan im 17 years old, i joined today from couple of hours ago actually, i installed tdu2 from two weeks ago or even more and i got only two championships to complete actually a championship and a cup. And i hope you welcome me to this page.
Lastly my favourite car in the game is the Ferrari California.


Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old (1 month until my birthday) also I'm from Hungary too, I've started TDU2 about launch date released until I stopped playing due to busy studying at the high-school.
I have a save file "2016 May 18th" this where I stopped it.


TDU1 fan & racer
I am from EU, been playing TDU1 and TDU2 online. Now returned back to TDU1 since Project Paradise online mod.
I love full speed driving without stopping.


The Reckless Driver
Hello. I am 25 years old and I am from Argentina. I been playing TDU2 since 2016 after that Need for Speed World was closed in 2015. I been playing there since November 2010.

Still don't have enough money to update the PC and Play Forza Horizon 3. Although I think TDU2 is an decent and Cheap alternative to Horizon 3.

I got a the game as CD Copy and I encouter the game for the first time while I seen the Teenage Trasnporter playing it.

I do like playing other racing games such as Need fro Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 and Most Wanted 2012.

and NO. I don't own console. Quite expensive since 2001. Waiting for the right time to leave this reality in 2021, I hope. . .


Hey, folks! 31 years old from Canada. Bought TDU2 at launch on PS3, upgraded to a Steam PC version a year later, still have my save file from around 2016 when I used to go on cruises with a regular group.


Hey :cool: I'm 51 and live in Norway. Bought TDU2 on Steam 1 year after release. But played mostly offline. Just reinstalled the other day and have problems with my G27 wheel not detecting :)