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*TDU Legend*
Hello everyone, Alan here better known in TDU community as CouriusPL. I'm from Sounthern Poland and I'm 25 years old. I'm big fan of fast cars, girls, good music and ofc pizza :D I'm playing Test Drive Unlimited franchise since game launch in 2007 and my journey still last thanks to Project Paradise where I was also beta testing it before official launch. I've joined Test Drive Unlimited 2 world game in 2012, few months after TDU official servers shut down. Like in TDU, I used to play a lot in TDU2 too. I've been in best competitive club in Poland - Green Lights Company, been working with Xarlith & other modders and crew members on Unofficial Patch, competing a lot in pvp and ofc driving around in free roam mode. :) I stopped playing TDU2 somewhere in 2015 I think, same as whole Green Lights Company and most competitive players.

I've been keeping an eye on this project for months now, but only now I've decided to register here, idk probably nostalgic striked again too damn hard.

It would be cool to see TDU2 working online, I keep finger crossed for project success.



Hey! Same here! Been lurking forever but with the whole quarantine, I downloaded TDU2 again and am having a blast! Just sad there is no online or casino :(

Seems like the perfect time to push this out, since everyone is at home!